One:  that I could be happy with the way I am.
Two:  that everyone else would stop expecting so much of me.
Three:  that we can all understand the words limitation and maximum and enough, and not having to wish for understanding or satisfaction.

And I sat on the corner waiting.  The game was that I sit until the person I’m waiting for comes around the bend, in which event I’m supposed to glue stars to my eyes and set a couple drums beating in my heart.  Trouble is I didn’t know who I was waiting for, and I’ve got flowers in my hands, not to mention snot.  The lady said I’d just know.  Well, I sat there and I hadn’t known for the longest time, and all of a sudden I noticed the flowers started to stare at the ground.  Come on, I ain’t seen it yet, I begged the flowers.  Or him or her or them.

And all of a sudden I felt dumb.  What was it I was sitting there for waiting?  Everyone else was strutting around finding each other, and they needn’t flowers.  So I came back to the lady and asked her What am I doing waiting?  She said Honey, you’re best to be looked at, not the kind who goes out and make a name, and make a world out of words.  I bet your mate came around just now, when you’re busy questioning, see?  She says, Honey, You ain’t here and live on your own rules.  It made no sense what the lady said, and I with my flowers come back to Earth we strolled back to the corner.

And there she was, leaning over my corner, and she carved out words right there:  He lived in blissful ignorance.  I knew then as she peppered the corner with flowers, chrysanthemums much like my own, I’d just have to wait a little bit longer.

Iowa City, 2007

Thank goodness I submitted this into my deviantART account.  A long time ago.  Wrote this in about 15 minutes on a torn piece of paper, the only piece of paper I had at the time.  Wish I could still write like this!


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