At the Chelsea -Second Version-

Out of the dusk
Into the forbidden pleasurable night
Thick with sin and
Glued-together hearts
They drift noiselessly from the
Innocence of daylight
To slip into their
other pair of shoes
Which they placed at the bedside
the night before
After they performed what they must
to survive and to serve
the society they live in
the society they’re caged in
Mercilessly and eternally
to be burdened by their own places and choices
That force them to
Carve out their insides
and store them in brittle jars
While their shells gleam artificially
Praised and admired secretly
By those who know
Nothing of the pain
They feel everyday
When the sun sets, and each of them
are obliged to say:
“Please forgive me, God.”

Iowa City, 2005

The more appropriate version.


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