I have my sanity in a cup.
I hold my consciousness in a bowl.
I pick my wishes up with a fork.
I slice my dreams up with a knife.
I stir emotions with a whisk.
I filter thoughts through a sifter.
I mix my values with a spoon.
I grease my soul with a stick of fat.
And to this confessional recipe
my love
I add.

I roll my voice into a ball.
I drown my faith in a pool of oil.
I fry my trust in a greedy pan.
I let my confidence shrink in the heat.
I lift this snack up with trembling hands.
I drop it on a plate to cool.
I ruin my hard work with a tear.
I offer this delicate treat to you.
And I watch your face criticize.
You commit the robbery of my life.
Now with my empty shell I see
You reach for the sugar bowl.



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